Is Life Treating You Well?, 2017


Is the graduation project of Wouter van de Kuijt (University of the Arts, Utrecht - Graphic Design department) where he portraits a personal study on material and objects in the surrounding of emotional and melancholic data.


Automated steel claw with 550 Swarovski crystals applicated by hand, 28 individual pluche Pikachu's, India Verde marble 90x90cm.


Handmade aluminium reel system.


Black polyethylene pond 120x90cm 145 litres, on a black polyethylene pallet 120x80cm. Three individual ultrasonic mistmakers.


A series of eight 120mm case fans with a chrome backplate, four in the colour blue and four in the colour red. Approximately 100-150 grams of three dimensional glitter. A set of two aquariums on a styrofoam floor 100x100cm. Containing clear water and two filtration systems. A set of two vases with two aeration pumps for a constant airflow on a medium level. Containing clear water. A video of 4.20 minutes. An audiotour of 2.35 minutes. Photography by Joost Termeer, 2017